About the Project

Stain & Polish Concrete: 35,000 sqft. 1500 grit high gloss finish with deep saturation triple-applied black dye logo.

In cooperation with the client, our expertise was called upon for 35,000 square feet of high-end concrete polishing at the Cabela's project in Tulalip. Our professionals worked alongside the client's quality control professionals to create a brand-consistent look applying custom colored concrete dye to adjust the hue and lighting. To create enough color saturation with the stained company logo, our professionals implemented a triple staining process that produced maximum saturation of the dye into the concrete. The final polish at a mirror-like 1500 grit was sealed with a PolishGuard system.

    Cabela's Tulalip
    Snohomish County
    Stained & Polished Concrete