About the Project

TerraCrete & Terrazzo Install: 28,000 sqft. of polished TerraCrete, Terrazzo Stairs, Ramps, Landings and Vertical Wall Installation. Our professional team took on the challenge of installing a Polished TerraCrete Flooring system and Terrazzo over 5 levels of this grand mall. Cantilevered walkways presented and exceptional challenge because of designed movement and vibration. Polished Self-Leveling Concrete was in the initial design for this project but was unable to be installed because of excessive cracking. TerraCrete was color matched to the designed product and local aggregate was sourced. A flexible Epoxy Membrane was placed under the ¼” TerraCrete system so existing elevations could be kept while still providing the flex needed for the walkways. The TerraCrete was then polished to the specified level. This provided the intended designed look, while maintaining the existing elevations, with the flexural ability needed to avoid cracking. Our Team also Installed Terrazzo Flooring on this project. The highlight of the main atrium is a poured in place radius Terrazzo stair case with vertical polished terrazzo walls to support the ramps needed for ADA compliance. This complemented the TerraCrete and surrounding Terrazzo Flooring. All of the Stairs and Walls where all hand poured and polished.

    Pacific Place Mall
    King County