About the Project

Polished Concrete Toppings/ Leveling/ Wood Flooring : 23,000 sq ft of Moisture Mitigation Barrier, Ardex K523 with Local Aggregate and Polished to 400 Grit. 7,000 sq ft Hardwood Flooring Our team was called upon to correct and flatten the floors in the Historic Starbucks Center. This building was built in 1915 and had numerous layers of floor and fill material from over 100 years of use. Our team was tasked to provide a Polished Concrete Surface on over 23,000 square feet of area on six different levels of the building for new office space. This presented an issue because the floors had areas that needed over 6” of fill material to raise the floor to meet existing elevations as well as floors that sloped in all directions from a century of the building settling. To fill and level this floor over 8,000 bags of Ardex Self-leveler was used. After the floors where leveled a 5/8” cap was installed of Ardex K-523 with local aggregates. This was then ground and polished to a semi-gloss finish leaving a stunning exposed aggregate concrete floor. Polished Concrete was just one scope of this job. Floor Solutions also tasked with installing and refinishing 7,000 sq ft of hardwood floors.

    King County
    Polished Concrete Topping / Wood Flooring Installation and Refinish