About the Project

Honed Concrete with ESD Top Coat: 120,000 sqft. hone finish concrete with ElectraSeal Electro-Static-Dissipating Concrete Sealer.

Our professionals were excited to work on this 120,000 square foot of open concrete floor that would be honed and treated with an electro-static dissipating sealer. A four step process was completed using our three-headed planetary grinders starting at 60 grit to assure an even exposure of light salt and pepper aggregate. The final hone finish at was sealed with a specialty ElectraSeal ESD product to meet the unique needs of this high-tech client. Electrostatic discharges are notorious for compromising the integrity of sensitive electronics and servers and for causing a source of ignition in combustible environments. The ESD product seals concrete to stop concrete dusting and provides an easy to clean highly effective static control surface that allows the concrete to meet the latest ANSI ESD Standards for Mission Critical Static Control.

    King County
    ESD Topcoat & Polish Concrete