About the Project

Polish Concrete: 41,000 sq. ft. Concrete Polish with 7,000 ln. ft. of Joint Filling, 400 grit finish with RetroPel Sealer Our expertise was called upon to Polish 41,000 square feet of concrete in three days for the WSP Skid Pad just outside of Olympia, WA. To make this tight schedule three of our self-propelled 96” 3-Headed Floor Grinders along with three of our 32” Floor Grinders were brought in to make the schedule work. 7,000 liner feet of saw cuts need to be filled with Retroplate Cretefill 85 Polyurea before grinding and polishing could start. All 41,000 sq ft was ground, polished, densified and sealed in 72 hrs. RetroPel Water Repellant Sealer was applied at the end of the job so the whole concrete pad could be flooded with water to be as slick as possible for training purposes.

    Washington State Patrol Skid Pad
    Thurston County